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There are two types of 110/120 volt massage motors - Single speed and two speed. They look identical on the outside. I currently have both types available.

SINGLE SPEED - This sounds like the motor only moves at one speed. That is not correct. It just means that there is only one winding in the motor and the speed is control by varying the voltage to the motor with the hand control. You can have infinite speed with this motor. When you look at the plug, you will see the housing has space for 4 pins but only three of the spaces have a pin in them. 

TWO SPEED - This motor has two winding. A high speed winding and a low speed winding. When you look at the plug, you will see the housing has space for 4 pins and they all have a connector in them. The hand control will have a high/low button and sends current to the corresponding winding for the button pushed.

If you use your massage motors frequently, you can expect 10-15 years of service from them before they wear out. They usually do not just quit suddenly but gradually slow down over time. When you look at a 110/120 volt massage motor you will see that one side has a pendulum and the other side fan blades. When the pendulum spins, it causes the massage motor to shake, much like a tire that is out of balance. The fan on the other side of the motor draws air over the motor to cool it. This is what usually causes the motor to slow down. Along with air, it also draws dust and dirt over the motor. Over time this dust and dirt builds up on the bearings and brush and causes the motor to fail. To tell if this is the problem you must remove the motor. Hold it with the pendulum hanging down. Rotate the motor 180 degrees so the pendulum is at the top. On a good motor, the pendulum will quickly swing around and face down again. When the motors gum up, the pendulum will either not move or will slowly swing down.
What if one motor is working and the other is not? First, if you have the Raven control system, verify that the LED at the top of the control flashes when you push the button to turn on the massage motors. If it doesn't then the problem is most likely the hand wand. If it flashes then unplug both motors from the junction box. Plug the one that is not working into the port for the one that is working. If it does the same think then the motor is bad. If it works correctly in the other port, then either the hand control of the junction box is bad. 99% of the time , it will be the hand control that is bad.

These are the plugs for the two types of massage motors. The one on the left is for the Single Speed Motor. Notice the empty socket. The one on the right is for the Two Speed Motor.