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  1. To reach the acme nut at the foot of the bed it must be turned over. To reach the acme nut at the head of the bed you can either turn the bed over or slide the mattress halfway off the foot of the bed and lift the head of the base by hand. You will need to have someone hold it up for you so that it does not fall on you and injure you.
  2. Remove just one of the bolts. There is enough room to screw the acme nut off if any pieces are left on the worm drive.
  3. Screw the new acme nut onto the worm drive with the notches facing the motor body. 
  4. Screw the acme nut down until it lines up with the bolt remaining in the mounting bracket. Flip it up onto the bolt and replace the bolt you removed.
  5. Sometimes the massage motor is mounted right at the end of the worm drive and is in the way of screwing the acme nut back on the worm drive.  You do not have to remove the massage motor, just lift the head or foot of the bed a slight amount and that will change the angle of the worm drive and it will clear the massage motor.