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Power down boxes enable you to get the bed flat in the event of a power outage or, in some cases, your hand control is lost or damaged. There is usually a spot for two nine volt batteries. If the box is only for use in a power outage there are no external buttons on the box. If it can also be used in case of a lost or damaged hand wand, then there will be a button to push and hold to lower the base. 

I do not recommend putting the batteries in the box until you need to lower the base. You very rarely need to use the emergency power down feature so bed owners tend to forget about it for years and then when they need to use it, the batteries have leaked and corroded the box and the box is then inoperative.

Some motors, such as the Okimat and the similar Richmat one piece units have a nine volt battery connector hanging out of the housing for attaching the battery.

Please note: these back up systems are for lowering the bed to a flat position, they are not designed to operate the bed up and down for normal use.


If your cord going to your Lifestyle antenna/power down box was damaged, it may not be the only problem. Sometimes, if the bed was plugged in when the cord was damaged, the circuit board in the motor may be damaged also. There are several ways to troubleshoot it. 

  1. First remove the two 9 volt batteries from the box. They are not used in the day to day operation of the bed, only for powering it down in the event of a power outage. It may give you a false reading if the batteries are in the box.
  2. Push the button on the power down box. It should light up red. If it does not light up, it is not getting power from the motor. Make sure the motor is getting power from the wall outlet. Plug something else into the outlet and make sure it operates. If the outlet is getting power and the box still will not light up then it may be either the power down box is bad or the motor is bad. Without a second bed to test the power down box on, it is hard to tell which one is bad.
  3. Push any button on your hand control. The LED at the top of the hand control should light up and flicker fast. The small LED on the power down box should flicker green also, whether the bed moves or not. If you have more than one bed in the room, all of the power down boxes will light up but only the bed the hand wand is programmed to will move. 
    1. If the LED on the hand control does not light up but the one on the power down box does, then the hand control is OK, the LED is just burnt out.
    2. If both the LED on the hand wand and the LED on the power down box do not light then replace the batteries in the hand wand. If the hand wand now lights up proceed to step 4. If it still does not light up, the hand wand is bad.
  4. If you have a second bed, take the power down box from the second bed and plug it into the first bed. The memory for the hand control is in the motor so if the box from the second bed is good and the motor on the first bed is good, the bed should operate. If the first bed now operates, the original power down box from the first bed is bad and should be replaced. If the bed still will not operate, proceed to step 5.
  5. Reprogram the bed to the hand wand. You must momentarily push the button on the side of the power down box (it will light up red) and release it. Within 10 seconds, push and hold two buttons (see 5.1 below) on the hand wand at the same time. Both the LED on the hand wand and the LED on the box should blink slowly twice and then flicker fast. Count to eight and release the two buttons. The bed should now be programmed to the hand wand. If you try this twice and the bed will still not program, the circuit board in the motor is bad and the whole motor needs to be replaced.
    1. The two buttons to be held down vary according to the and controls but generally is one of two combinations:
      1. Top left button and level/flat/reset button.
      2. Top left button and on/off button for the head massage.
      3. If you hold down the wrong 2 buttons, the hand control will not light up or flicker.  Try different combinations of 2 buttons until you get the LED on the hand control to blink slowly twice and then flicker fast. 
  6. If the lights on the power down box and the hand wand blink properly but the bed still will not program then you probably have a bad circuit board in the main motor. You will have to replace the motor.
  7. My supplier has discontinued the Oki motors in the Raven frequency that they have been using for the last 15 - 20 years. When it was discontinued, the motor retailed for $390. They now have an upgrade motor kit in a new frequency. It insist of a new Oki motor, matching hand control, power down box and jumpers so that your massage motors will plug into the new motor. It is only $400 for the complete kit, just $10 more than the motor alone was. This is a much better deal anyway as it includes the new hand wand, making your bed like a new bed. If you want to use your massage motors, this is the only option available.
  8. If you do not use your massage motors, I have 2 alternatives:
    1. Richmat motor including a wired hand wand - $225
    2. Richmat motor including a wireless hand wand - $325
Please call me to discuss or order.