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I need to know which brand base you have before I can determine if I have parts for your base. However, most base manufacturers do not put their name on your base so the serial number for your base can be very instrumental in determining which brand of base you have. There is no place to just look up serial numbers without knowing the brand of the base but I can often determine the manufacturer by the sequence of the serial numbers.

On Ergo, Reverie, Customatic, Rize, and newer Lifestyle bases, the serial number can most often be found under the foot of the bed. The manufacturers have tried to make it easy to find without turning the bed over. Lie on the floor at the foot of the bed and look under it with a flashlight. There is a bar that goes from left to right that the legs screw into. There should be a sticker there with the serial number on it. 

On Ergo bases, the serial number can often also be found on the back of the battery cover door on the hand control. The serial number will generally start with the letters “SFD”. The serial number is different than the numbers on the motors and control boxes that also start with the same letters. On newer bases, the number starts with a “0”. Here is an example of each format:



On some newer Lifestyle bases, I have also seen the serial number on the frame at the side of the bed

On older Lifestyle bases, the number can be found on the cross bar under the head of the bed. It is on the top of the bar instead of the side. You must raise the head wither with the remote or, after moving the mattress off the bed, raise the head section by hand. The serial number will start with 2 letters then four digits a dash and 6 more digits. The first four digits after the letters are the month and year the bed was made.

On Maxwell bases, the number is on the inside of the “L” shaped pieces of metal that lift the head of the bed. If you don’t have a working remote, you will have to turn the bed over omits side to see the number. The numbers follow the same format as the older Lifestyle bases. 

Here is an example of older Lifestyle and Maxwell serial numbers:


On Rize and Customatic bases, instead of a serial number there is often a “Frame” number instead.