We Bring Comfort To You!

We carry 7 models from Comfort Direct Mattresses- three standard foam encased pocketed coil models, two foam encased pocketed coil models with built in massage and 2 memory foam models.

All Comfort Direct Mattresses are covered by a 10 year non prorated warranty. Click here to view this warranty.


Comfort Care’s inner spring mattress is a foam encased pocketed coil mattress. A foam encased pocketed coil mattress is far more advanced, and technologically superior to standard innerspring mattresses. They are available in either plush, cushion firm or pillow top.

The advantages of a pocketed coil spring unit over the conventional inner spring unit are.

1. Because the coils are not tied together at the top and bottom, each coil can individually act as a separate support unit. This allows the coils to better conform to your body,  much like foam or latex mattress would. this provides both increased comfort and support. A pocketed coil spring unit is terrific for pressure point relief if you are a side sleeper (60% of people are).

2. Unsurpassed motion separation. Because pocketed coils do not have a steel grid tying the top and bottom together, when one is compressed it will not pull on a spring across the mattress. While this is not as big a deal in a twin mattress with one occupant, when there are two people in a queen or king, it can be very relevant.

The advantages of a foam encased coil spring unit over the conventional inner spring unit are.

1. It allows you to sleep closer to edge of your mattress without feeling like you are falling off.

2. Adding a foam encasement provides 10% more sleep area on a queen mattress. This can be important when you have 2 people sleeping on a queen mattress.

3. Although sitting on the side of a bed for extended periods is not recommended, a foam encasement will provide better support when getting in and out of the bed. It is important to note that the foam encasement is slightly softer in an mattress made for an adjustable bed than in a standard mattress. This is so that it can bend. If the foam rail is too stiff the mattress will not bend.

All of the Comfort Direct Mattresses are covered in a gorgeous organic cotton ticking. They are also designed as a no-turn mattress, eliminating the struggle to turn them every three months.