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My supplier has discontinued the older style Oki motors used on the Lifestyle bases. They do provide an upgrade kit for beds that used those motors. The kit operates on a different frequency than the old motors. The upgrade kit consist of a new Oki motor, matching hand wand and power down/antenna box and jumper for the massage motors. Fortunatley, the new kit is only a few dollors more than the old motors by themselves. The only downside to the new kit is that if you have a single king mattress on two bases, you will have to replace the motors on both bases so that they will operate as one. A jumper cable is available to attach the two motors together so that they operate at the same time.

picture of Oki motor upgrade kit.
Oki motor upgrade kit. Click on picture to enlarge.

Components of Upgrade Motor Kit
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Oki Motor

Hand Control

Antenna/Power Down Box

Massage Motor Jumper