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dunlop/talalay latex comparison
Each latex core is individually made. A measured amount of slightly foamed latex is poured into a large fixed mold. The lid is then sealed and the latex is expanded by a vacuum to completely fill the  mold. As soon as the latex has filled the mold, it is “held” and prevented from collapsing by rapidly dropping the temperature to -28 degrees F., freezing it solid. At this point carbon dioxide is passed through the latex and the temperature is raised to 262 degrees F. This sets and vulcanizes the latex. Thereafter, the lid of the mold is opened and the product is stripped and placed on a conveyor to be washed. 

Because the Dunlop System just fills the latex to the top of the mold and skips the freezing process, some of the latex particles can settle to the bottom of the mold, causing the core to be firmer on the bottom than the top.

The Talalay system is characterized by a large number of pencil shaped holes formed by the pins in the lid and base of the mold. Combined with the unified open cell structure of the latex, these pinholes provide an excellent ventilation system, allowing the latex to breathe.