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In beds with single actuator lift motors, there is a separate motor lifting the head and another lifting the foot. The older bases used 110/120 volt a/c lift motors. There was  no way to activate the motors if the power went out. Newer bases use a low voltage lift motor, usually 29 volts d/c. When these motors go bad, it is either a broken housing or the gears inside break. In each instance you will be able to hear the motor run, it will just not lift the bed. There are no internal gears or external housings available for these motors. Click on each motor type to go to the web page assigned to the motor.

110/120 VOLT A/C LIFT MOTORS (I do not have any 220/240 volt a/c motors available)

There are basically three different types of 110/120 volt lift motors:

1. Generic through bolt mount - A pin or bolt goes through each end of the motor. There were multiple manufacturers of these motors (Emerson, Hubbell, etc.). Now I only have one source and the brand varies.

2. Generic Clamp mount - There is a plastic clamp at the base of the motor, attaching it to the base. A pin or bolt is still used at the end of the torque tube. 

3. Maxi-safe motors - These were the motors used on the old Maxwell bases. Due to their design, they can only be used on Maxwell bases. They are no longer made but I do have used ones.


Low voltage lift motors are usually 29 volt D/C motors. While they all usually mount with a through pin, the plugs on the ends of the motors vary greatly. There are no jumpers from any of the companies. They can have from two to eight connecting pins in each motor with no wiring diagrams so it is hard to splice a plug from one brand motor to another.  There is also a large assortment of lengths and travel distance in each company's motors and the head and foot motor on each base is usually a different size. I will generally need to know the brand of your base and the serial number from your base to match you with a replacement motor. As a last resort, we can try to match the plug and the length retracted/extended on your motor. Also, while most motors plug into a control box, some motors have the control box built in.